We make things happen



We make things happen.

The most important part of our business is to take "their" concerns as "ours".
A client’s problem for dof is not happening out there. It is our matter to be solved.

We are constantly offered various work,
thus our field is not limited to advertisement or creative.
Planning and developing services and products, sales, pricing, HR or management, we tackle such diverse and crucial problems even outside marketing.
We strive to find the clue to those problems, and furthermore, execute the change toward the solution.

How and what the people or the companies worry.
What they think and what they pursue.
Which situation they have suffered, experienced, and where they are now.
How they are recognized, pictured, and how they want to be in the future.
We deeply empathize, and we take great effort to find the essence of matter with kaleidoscopic vision and the heart running beside clients.

Once the substantial matter is clear, we sweep out any possible solution, striving to show the best. And we make that happen.

We want to be the number one partner to make the solution happen, In the company, In their feelings, And in the world.

That is dof – we make things happen.


To be the happiest company in the world.

dof has always tried to be the happiest company in the world at these three points.


Employee happiness is our first priority.
To accomplish good work,
we believe that all employees must have joy and pride in everything they do.
To such enthusiastic people, we promise to maximize their potential at dof.
Work is important in life, we consume much time and effort on our job.
Thus we continue to fully enjoy working as team dof.


We also stress happiness of anyone involved in our business.
If our clients and partners are served well to their satisfaction, we believe that will lead us to continuous relationship with them.


The last and the biggest, we contribute to make this world happier through our work.
Not only the size of the movement, but also the significance or importance to a better society motivate us to solve clients’ problems.

The happiest company for the employees, people concerned, and the world – that is what dof aims for.

Our Team

齋藤 太郎 Taro Saito
CEO / Communication Designer


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., Taro graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University (SFC) in ‘95. After experience in the Television and Sales Divisions in Dentsu inc., the largest ad agency in Japan, he founded dof Inc. in ’05. His strength is problem solving by communication from upstream to downstream which includes business management, product development, marketing strategy, media planning and creative. Since he is well versed in the IT industry, he has experience working as a board member at companies including Voyage Group, an ad-tech company, and Tone Mobile Inc., a smartphone company of CCC group, a corporate group which holds TSUTAYA. By conducting marketing as creative director at Japan Association of New Economy, he also gained knowledge of overseas startup businesses affairs. Works: Suntory "The Malt’s", "Kaku High Ball", "Torys High Ball", "Chita", "Yamazaki", "Hakushu", "Hibiki-Japanese Harmony-", Shiseido "Elixir", corporate slogan "Stay beautiful at this moment and through life", "Senka", Nagatanien "the Ginger Club", JR East "Shin Aomori campaign", "SUICA", KDDI "au", Ezaki Glico "PRETZ", J!NS, King Japan "Candy Crush", "Candy Soda", also getting down to international work recently.

大島 征夫 Yukio Oshima
Creative Director

Joined Dentsu inc. in ‘73, flourished as a creative director. Founded dof inc. with Taro in ‘05. Works: Suntory "The Malt’s", "Kaku High Ball", "Torys High Ball", "Chita", "Yamazaki", "Hakushu", "Hibiki-Japanese Harmony-", JR East "Go! Tohoku!" "Shin Aomori campaign", "SUICA", KDDI. Won numerous awards e.g. TCC Club Award ‘84 for the "safety campaign" by Toyota Motor Corporation, ADC top award ‘90 for the spring campaign by Fuji Television Network Asahi Advertising Award, Nikkei Advertising Award, ACC Award, Mainichi Advertising Design Award Top Award, Creator of the Year, etc.

畑間 晶太 Shota Hatama
Communication Producer

BFA graduate in Communication Design, PARSONS The New School for Design. While studying at PARSONS started his career as planner and designer at Kaibutsu inc. Joined dof inc. in June ‘10 as a communication producer. have worked in a variety of fields ranging from planning to marketing support for clients. Works: INTEL ASIA, TFT Calorie Offset Project, Nagatanien "Hieshirazu", "the Ginger Club", Rakuten, New Economy Summit, King Japan "Candy Crush", "Candy Soda", Tone Mobile.

Company Info

dof inc.
Founded inMay, 2005
Address1-9-1 Shimbashi, Kitagawa Bldg. 6F
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1050004, JAPAN
CEOTaro Saito
Employees8 ( April, 2015 )
Business・Communication Design
・Product development
・Marketing strategic planning
・Media Planning
Namedof is named after a British archaic word "doff (do+off)" which means to take off something old. It shows our hope to continue creating something new, without being bound by common sense until now.

Our Clients

  • glico
  • J!NS
  • JR東日本
  • king
  • 永谷園
  • Lexus
  • 日テレ
  • oceanize
  • 新経済連盟
  • TONE



〒105-0004 東京都港区新橋 1-9-1 北川ビル6F
1-9-1 Shimbashi,Kitagawa Bldg. 6F
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 1050004, JAPAN